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Mother of Dark Matter Universe

UNIVERSE - the collection of energy in space.
MATTER   - which resembles everything around you like atoms and compounds.
ENERGY - which can be converted, but not created or destroyed. Here, about the Mother of Universe Matter
Astronomer Vera Rubin changed the way we think of the universe by showing that galaxies are mostly Dark Matter
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Mc Donald's

The popular fast food company Mc Donald's, uses diesel trucks for supply delivery purpose. Yeah, the diesel engines can run in recycled cooking oil and Jatropha seed oil...
All Mc Donald's delivery truck in the UK have been running on used cooking oilfrom their Restaurants since 2007.Is that why they smell like fried when you drive behind them..?


ToneTag an Amazon backed startup.
All payments are made into Digital now as many are following using Internet but, what about the sound waves which encodes internet data into sound waves?
Here it is,
This ToneTag allows Digital payments without internet and made possible through sound waves. It is an developed application / device on both Smartphones and Featured phones.

Strange but True!!

French mathematician "ABRAHAM DE MOIVRE" friend of Isaac Newton, who born in 26 May 1667 and known for de moivre's formula which links complex numbers and trigonometry has done a strange thing to his life...According to science we can predict our own death by just watching our habits & lifestyles. This man noted that he is sleeping 15 mins extra every night & calculated his own death day and died on the same day he predicted.Strange right! Who love mathematics ...